About Yellow Lamb

Yellow Lamb is the creative, radio and audio production company run by award winning writer, producer and voice-over… Sean Bell.

Since the late 1980’s Sean has created thousands of successful, effective and ear-catching radio campaigns for clients across the UK and around the world. Having “cut his teeth” producing for many of the original and heritage ILR stations (then also producing BBC Radio drama & documentaries), over the last few years he has refocused his business, and Yellow Lamb now also increasingly meets the requirements of the emerging Community Radio sector. However, his creative services are still regularly used directly by end-user clients, advertising agencies, local authorities and the public sector.

Judging by the feedback, he seems to be doing something right ?


Julie MacLeod, Station Manager, RWSfm

“ A first class service, our clients love working with Sean, if they are happy, we are happy"

Brian Ashman, Station Manager, Radio Leyland

“Sean – at Yellow Lamb – creates commercials that are either straight and factual or with added humour and irony .... plus it's always a speedy turnaround and a good price!”

Hafeas Rehman, Station Manager

“Sean’s extremely helpful working with our clients to produce outstanding commercials, often with very quick turn around times.”

Duncan Martin, Maritime Radio Station Manager

“We work with Sean regularly and really appreciate his proactive approach in sourcing potential business and providing an end-to-end service, coming up with imaginative and engaging scripts, through to production and delivery. Our clients are happy, which makes us happy!"

Amir - Station Manager

"Sean has always been ultra responsive and professional in his communications. His work is of an excellent standard and ready to go on air. A pleasure dealing with him and using his services for Urdu adverts. Highly recommended!"

Chris Moyse Director & Station Manager

Fresh, Fast & Friendly! Sean has been supporting us at Park Radio for 10 years now - and always delivers - day or night. He continues to create and produce such a variety of radio commercials for us - which our clients love. He has such a wealth of experience, access to some excellent voices and comes up trumps every time!

David MacGregor, Coast & County Radio

“We trust Sean to just get on with it. He takes the brief and deals with everything – we know we’ll soon have a great sounding commercial back and ready for broadcast”

Mohammed Tariq Station Operations Manager at Inspire FM

"Amazing service with super-fast timing always"

Julian Hotchkiss, Dales Radio

“I’ve worked with Sean for years, through two previous stations and now Dales Radio. He’s always delivered quality and creative commercial campaigns that my clients are very happy with.”

Danny Singh, Remarkable Media Group, Raaj FM

"We often use Yellow Lamb as Sean provides a quick turn around for quality and creative commercials - not just in English, but also in Punjabi, Hindu and Urdu too"


Ryan McClean, Deputy Station Manager, RWSfm 103.3

"Sean always provides an excellent and personal service ensuring that clients get the most out of their advert with a quick turn around and high quality production."

Mick Foster, Station Manager, Diverse FM

From the free “sales wake up” promo’ to a local council commercial, Sean is the ultimate professional producing quality campaigns on time for us & our advertisers.

Charlie Stone - Station Manager, Shire Sounds

Shire Sounds Radio first came across Yellow Lamb in early 2020 when seeking a new commercial production supplier. The “Yellow Lamb” service we receive is outstanding, and Sean always go out of his way to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied with their campaign. He even deals with our clients directly to ensure that nothing gets miscommunicated along the way. 10/10 will be using Yellow Lamb again!

Marco Bolli, Operations Director. Steel FM

Yellow Lamb have written & produced for Steel FM numerous times. Sean always delivers professional , creative and quality campaigns quickly. It has always been an easy experience working with him and using his services. Highly recommended!

Jerry Bradford – Burgess Hill Radio

Our first Yellow Lamb experience was when Sean sent us a sales promo' as the country went into lock down. His professionalism and quality was noted, so we introduced him to a client when the first opportunity occurred. He took over and handled everything and our client was delighted with the results. So were we - it helps to makes our station sound vibrant and professional. We continue to enjoy that same service time after time.

Mike Hammond

It’s not a case of “can we afford to use Yellow Lamb” ? As they assist so much with the whole sales process AND provide quality commercials, , it’s really a case of “we can’t afford to NOT use Yellow Lamb”

Mark Heselwood, Tech Support Manager, Conquest Hospital Radio

“Yellow Lamb first sent us a free sales promo’ which was great. And it worked and brought in clients, who we passed onto Sean. He worked with them directly and quickly created excellent commercials. This also makes our station sound more professional too”

Paul Tasker.

Sean’s production and ear for sound is incredible. Very creative with both his script writing and with his voiceover services. Fast turnaround and a professional service.

Fran Asaipillai - Kennet Radio

"Sean has taken the headache out of my role of business development manager at Kennet Radio. As ever in sales, it’s a numbers game, and I need to spend my time speaking to potential clients. Sean has freed me up to focus on finding new clients and looking after our regular accounts. Now I am just worried about him going on holiday!"

Our Work

The process

“Sean takes the hassle out of your commercial production process ! Ideally he’ll liaise directly with the client, to “fact find” the exact information required to carefully craft a (legal and RACC compliant) script that works. Rather than just sending the script back for approval, (in most cases) he’ll also bring it to life with his own voice and all the music and sound effects required – after all, it is “sound” that we’re selling. The ”demo” commercial is proving to be very effective in enthusing the client as they can hear how they will sound on-air, and it really helps to close the sale. Once the final script is approved – perhaps with a few amendments – he’ll then replace his voice and re-lay the correct voice(s) to produce the broadcast master. Check out an example here:

Sean Bell – Voice-Over

Sean’s voice has been heard on radio and TV campaigns, in-store commercials, training programmes and on telephone messaging around the world, all from his home studio where this short (and humorous ?) video showreel was filmed a few years ago.

Though if you need an example to download, please have a listen to these MP3 examples then ‘right click’ to save.

Sean Bell Commercial Montage

Sean Bell Corporate / Narration

Sean Bell 45 second "Delivery"


Sean’s a BIG supporter of the emerging Community Radio sector, and though he has to make a living out of “paid for” production, he does offer free services too. Many stations are running variations of these sales promo’s, 27 stations broadcast their own versions of this Corona Virus promo and a whopping 49 stations received their dedicated “wake up after lock down” promo’s – ALL totally free of charge. If you’d like a sales promo’ producing – let’s talk ? Additionally, if you’d like a short “sound of the station” montage creating with a mix of presenter chatter, features, imaging and commercials, this can be delivered with his compliments.

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